I’m very happy to inform you of my result of RES exam took the end of Sep. Just arrived the result. I passed both papers! Thank you all for your help – Daisuke Naoi

I had to attend CES & RES Exam repeatedly as I was not able to clear it successfully. I was confused & tried various methods, however I still could not clear the exams. Under such situation, your SMS (if you fail scheme) attracted me. I attended your RES Exam Preparation – 2 days Revision Training.

Your new method of study approach “Memory Mind Maps” was different & I followed your style of teaching method.

What a Surprise! I passed both RES Papers in the following attempts. I can confidently say that I HAVE PASSED RES EXAMS BECAUSE OF YOUR MEMORY MIND MAPS + BOOKS.

I wish & thank you for your RES Exam Preparation – 2 Days Workshop. It will be essential for other agents struggling to pass RES Exams within time frame to attend your unique workshop.” -Francis Thilak CEA Reg.No: R005884C (GPS)

“I have passed the September RES exam both paper 1 and paper 2. Your 2 days revision workshop using Superlative Learning System is really effective and helpful. Once again, thank you very much for your guidance.” -Christina